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Introducing Tandem Weddings

Who We Are

We're the team of photographers and videographers formerly behind Kickstand Studio weddings. Yep, that's right. As Kickstand Studio focuses on servicing it's commercial and professional services clients, we wanted to make sure we were still able to provide our wedding clients with the attention they deserve - that's why we created Tandem Weddings. We're a special part of the Kickstand Studio team focused solely on making wedding photography and video awesome.

What We Do

We're storytellers. We're photographers and videographers that understand that your wedding is about more than just a day. There is a story to tell. Your story. We're passionate about capturing moments that tell your story through photography and video. From the engagement to the exit at the reception, we're with you on every step of your journey capturing your story so you can share it with the world.

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The Tandem Weddings Team

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